Yellow Vests and the End of the Month

One section of the book A New City of God is to do with the topic of “denialism”. It discusses the reasons that people deny current trends, and what form their denial takes.

I was put in mind of the issue of denial when I read about the “Yellow Vest” riots taking place in France. The immediate cause for these riots is that people do not want to pay the additional taxes that are being placed on automobile fuels. But I was also caught by a deeper sense of resentment. The following is from the New York Times of December 1st 2018.

Yellow vests protesting fuel tax

The protestors may not be explicitly denying the fact that the climate is changing. But they are not willing to make further cutbacks to their standard of living in order to prevent long-term climate threats.

We are likely to see more of this type of pushback in future years. As people’s standard of living declines due to resource limits and environmental issues, so they will be less willing to make sacrifices for the common, long-term good.

Author: Ian Sutton

Ian Sutton is a chemical engineer who has worked in the chemical, refining and offshore oil and gas industries. He is the author of many books, ebooks and videos.

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