Yes! We have no bananas

Yes! we have no bananas. Climate change discussion

On October 19th 2019 the Richmond Times-Dispatch published a letter from Mr. Tim Brandon, “Consider the benefits of global warming”. A copy of the letter is shown below.

Tim Brandon Richmond Times-Dispatch letter global warming
The gist of the letter is that global warming can be beneficial. One sentence reads,

Maybe soon we will be growing bananas, coconuts, and pineapples in Virginia.

His letter prompted me to reply. My letter was published on October 22nd. I picked up on the bananas theme, and suggested two responses to Mr. Brandon.

Ian Sutton Richmond Times-Dispatch letter global warming

The first response is that we will need to be flexible as conditions around us change. None of us know what the future holds, except to say that there is much uncertainty. This means that individuals and businesses will need to emphasize “adaptability” and “flexibility” rather than “efficiency” in response to the current vogue for “just in time” strategies. If bananas are available then we will enjoy them. If they are not available then we will do without.

The second response is that we will need to think and act locally. It is likely that the extraordinarily complex, computer-driven supply chains that allow us to enjoy bananas at any time of the year will be degraded. All aspects of our personal and business lives will become more local and less global.

Both of these responses — adaptability and localization — provide an opportunity for the church to provide much needed leadership.