2 thoughts on “First Sunday of Advent: 7.6%”

  1. Ian, I read your post, and wonder what you perceive to be a solution? Clearly, we all need to reevaluate our choices on so many levels, both large and small… The thing is, if the thinking that it is all for not, and only a drop in the bucket,(to change our behavior) then, will we ever reverse our behavior, or even engage the general population? While I grasp the gloom and doom as the projection of our future on our current trajectory, I don’t feel it is the way to achieving the change we need. I encourage you to also offer some solutions that could be helpful. I believe there are many who want to see change but, have no idea where to start. Thank you for your insights, Happy thanksgiving

    1. Indeed, a happy Thanksgiving to all.

      Sharon: As it happened, I was working on the final two chapters of my book (‘Theology’ and ‘The Church’s Response’) when your reply came through. I also started a new post at https://www.facebook.com/groups/greenchristian/ which talks about these issues.

      I don’t think that there is a “solution” — there are only responses. This comment is not intended to be hair-splitting or smart-alecky. Many people say, “don’t give up hope”. Fair enough, but I would respond that we do need to, “give up hopium”. None of us know what the future holds — all we know is that it will be very different from today’s world, and that our material standard of living will likely be much reduced.

      Some thoughts are,

      1. Establish a theology that matches the times.
      2. Set realistic goals.
      3. Work in the community — not alone. For those in the Anglican/Episcopalian tradition, this means working at the parish level.

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