A New City of God — Chapters 1 and 2 for Review

The City of God

A draft of Chapter 2 of the book A New City of God: Faith in a Changing Climate is available for review. Its title is The City of Man. You are invited to download it and give us your comments.

We have also released a new and improved version of Chapter 1 — The Author’s Apology, as well as an  updated Table of Contents.

Here are the links.

  • The current Table of Contents for the whole book is available as a .pdf file here.
  • Chapter 1 is available as a .pdf file here.
  • A 21 minute video overview of Chapter 1 is available here.
  • Chapter 2 is available as a .pdf file here.
  • Please provide your comments on Chapter 1 using the Contact form at our Sutton Technical Books site.

Thanks for your feedback.